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Big congratulations to Brooke Allen for almost having the perfect test, just one driver fault meant she passed her driving test with flying colours 🙂

Congratulations to Alice Gull for giving the examiner a great drive and passing her driving test in St Albans on the 23rd Feb 🙂

Massive congratulations to Francesca Cooper who passed her test at Stevenage test Centre with an incredible 0 faults!! That’s right she drove for 40 mins without making a single mistake…..brilliant!

Well done to Charlotte Baxter for passing her test today with just 3 faults, another happy customer who can now just jump in her car whenever she wants……great drive Charlotte 🙂

Samuel Habib can now jump in his car and go where he wants when he wants after passing his driving test at the 1st attempt…brilliant drive Samuel 🙂

Congratulations to Finn Scott who drove so well to pass his driving test at the 1st attempt with only 2 minor faults!!

Congratulations to Govind Patel for passing his test at the first attempt with me. It made it worthwhile travelling up by train from London for his lessons with me. Well done Govind, see you for your Pass Plus course….

Well done Amy for passing your driving test today with only 2 minor faults. Just showed what a great driver you are:)

According to the latest research male drivers learn to drive sooner than females and are more likely to pass 1st time…but does it make them safer??

Well done to Chris Crawford who passed his test on Friday 18th October 2013 with just 5 minors. As I was sitting in the back I can say from experience it was a great drive, well done Chris

Well done to George Heath-Whyte for passing his test at the first attempt today (22nd Oct 2013). Well done matey it was thoroughly deserved.

Well done to Jakob O’Conner for passing his test on 24th Oct 2013 with only 2 minor faults!!. It’s been a pleasure to sit next to you and watch you become an excellent driver, well done.