Motorway Confidence ‘Booster’

Do you realise just how many people HATE driving on motorways? They hate joining them, they hate big lorries, they hate being tailgated, they don’t like overtaking and only do it if they really have to, they even hate the idea of missing an exit and getting lost!
These are the most common reasons I hear on a regular basis why people avoid motorways or always let the partner drive. So if you thought you were the only one, think again!
Is it any surprise that so many people don’t like them when none of us ever drove on them until after we passed our driving test. When we were out of the safety of our instructors cars and we were just thrown into the lions den with no extra training. Or our first time on motorways were with our mum’s and dad’s telling us to ‘don’t do this’, ‘don’t do that’ while they held on tightly to the door handle!. Not a great first impression of how to drive on a motorway! Imagine not having done roundabouts till after you passed your test…and on your own!. So it really is no surprise that so many people hate them.

But I can change that for you with my Motorway Confidence Booster sessions. Give me a call and we can work through what it is you need to do to so that you will be happy, relaxed and confident when you use a motorway. With my specialist skills we can work on any, or all, aspects of safe motorway driving with the knowledge that you are in a completely safe environment. These can be taken either individually or in a group. So ask around and see if you have friends/family that needs a confidence boost-like I said you might be surprised at how many people don’t like motorway driving, and would jump at the chance of joining you!!.

Your first step to safe, enjoyable motorway driving is to give me a call today or fill in your details on the contact form and I can call you… easy is that!

I look forward to helping you 🙂

Terry 07958 941632