Driving Test ‘Rescue’ Course.

Unfortunately when someone fails their driving test it’s usually down to lack of preparation and/or confidence. Give me a call and you can explain what happened. I will listen and together we will set out an action plan of how I’m going to help you pass your driving test.

Whatever the reasons were that you didn’t pass (e.g. observations, signalling, mirrors or manoeuvre problems) there is usually an underlying reason why this didn’t go as planned. I will help you figure out what didn’t go so well, and more importantly…why?. So, for your next test you will be fully prepared and you will feel ready to show those examiners just what you are capable of!

If you really want to pass next time the first thing you need to do is pick up the phone and give me call. I’ll soon have you on the road to finally passing your driving test, and being able to drive where you want when you want. How good does that sound?! 🙂

So call me now for a no obligation chat about how I can help you. Or fill in the contact form to the left, let me know when the best time to contact you is, and I will call you….it’s as easy as that!

Terry 07958 941632