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Standards Check due? Dreading the letter landing on your door mat? In a constant battle with low priced competition? Fed up with pupils stopping lessons for no apparent reason? In a franchise and not sure if you can ‘make it on your own’?

I can help you with all this and so much more.

“Having booked on the Tri-Coaching Standards Check Training Day I wasn’t sure what to expect and was, I’ll be honest a little sceptical, nervous and thinking to myself what could I take from the day. The day was amazing, mind blowing and fun thanks to Terry Lefteri. I’m going to book the aCCeLerate two day course soon. I can’t wait to understand more about Client Centred Learning. Thanks Terry and see you soon”
Gary Palmer – ADI

Now I’m not going to tell you that there’s some magic secret answer to these questions, because you know there isn’t. It takes hard work and time. Think about these two questions for a moment ‘Do you want to be able to run a successful driving school business where you charge what you believe the service you give is worth’ and ‘Do you want to feel confident and excited about going for your Standards Check’….wow imagine that, being excited about your Standards Check!

Now I’m going to be cheeky and hazard a guess that you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions? Brilliant because I can help you do both these things and lots more. I’m going to be really cheeky now and have another guess that there isn’t too much about what you’re already doing that needs looking at. Sometimes a few little changes here and there can make massive differences to the results we get.

I speak to lots of instructors and hear the same things all the time ‘I can’t put my prices up people won’t pay it’ this is NOT TRUE. Or ‘People seem to enjoy my lessons but then stop because they can’t afford it any more’ this is NOT THE CASE they are not stopping because they can’t afford your lessons.

I’m going to help you make those few little changes that will take your skills and your business to another level.

Whether you want help to prepare for an upcoming Standards Check, how to introduce coaching methods in your lessons, or improve your clients lesson experience you need to pick up the phone and give me a call. We can have a no obligation chat so I have a little background information and you can tell me exactly how I can help you. I will then work with you to put together an action plan of what we need to do to help you, and how we’re going to do it. Whether it’s some 1-2-1 time where you have my full attention or taking it a step further and booking onto the 2 day ‘aCCeLerate’ coaching course, where you can really begin to understand the benefits of using more, advanced Coaching techniques with your customers. (Click the link below for more information) Together we will work out the best option for you.

Einstein was a clever bloke, he said ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and again and expecting different results’

To start to change things you need to do something differently. To do that you need to take the first step, and that’s picking up the phone and giving me a call. You’ve got nothing to lose….I’ll even buy the coffee! 07958 941632

Look forward to speaking to you soon

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