Parents ‘Things Have Changed’ Sessions.

Did you know sometimes getting driving practise with family and friends can actually mean it takes you longer to pass?! This could be for many reasons such as incorrect information being given, inappropriate practise areas, or lack of knowledge.

Make sure your practise time is actually focused on helping you get better, and reducing the amount of professional help from me you’ll need-so saving you money! The ‘Things have Changed’ sessions usually last for just an hour.

I’ll take whoever you are going to practise with for a drive, and I will assess their driving style (don’t worry I’ll be nice!) I can then give them advice about how things have changed since they passed their test….because things have changed! I will then introduce some methods they can use to help you get the most out of your practice time together, so you can really make some progress between lessons.

You will get expert advice and tips on how, for the price of a few coffees from Starbucks, you can save loads of money on your driving lessons. They’re more than welcome to sit in the back of some of your lessons (with your permission!) to get an even better idea of the best way to help you pass your test.

Call me now for a no obligation chat about how I can help you. Or fill in the contact form to the left, let me know when the best time to contact you is, and I’ll call you.

Terry – 07958 941632

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