Eco-Driving Session.

What could you do with an extra £100, £200 or even £300 per year in your pocket!? Come along and have a professional assess your driving technique, and give you some expert advice and tips on how you can combat the ever increasing fuel costs and put your money back into your pocket.

Over the years we don’t realise when bad habits start to take over our driving styles. We all drive in different ways, see things differently and react differently. We all have different reasons for driving a car. But there are basic things that we can change to give us more miles for our money. Now you can look up some eco driving tips on the internet, but nothing beats having an expert sitting next to you giving real time feedback and advice.

I recently helped a lady get an extra 100 miles on average out of her tank of fuel!! It didn’t take much to change a few of her habits, and help her find out how her style of driving was affecting her fuel consumption. She has worked out that she now has an extra £12 in her pocket every time she fills up (roughly every 7-8 days) which she puts away each time to go towards her holiday! Now every time she feels an old habit creeping back in she thinks of sitting by the pool!
What will you do with the extra money you save from changing a few little things when you drive from A to B?

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