Need to Convert your International Driving License to a British one?

Then call me to see how I can help you do just that. We can have a chat and I can find out a little bit more information about your driving style. We can then arrange a time for you to have a driving assessment, and I will give you an honest opinion on your standard of driving, and what we need to do to convert your international driving license to a British license.

What I won’t do is sit there and judge you or tell you all the things you’re doing wrong or teach you how to drive like a learner, why should I? You’re not a learner…you are a qualified driver with lots of experience and knowledge.

All you need is someone to let you know what to adjust, or do a little differently, to be able pass the test in the shortest time possible and get your full British license.

I can do that for you. I will help you with those little changes you might need to make and I’ll let you in on some little secrets about what your driving examiner will be looking for. Wait a minute! I’m sorry, here I am assuming you’ll need to make some little changes. What if you don’t need to change ANYTHING? What if you are a great driver already? Well if you are that’s brilliant but you’ll need someone to tell you that, and that’s what the assessment drive is for.

So call me today to arrange your assessment drive with an expert or use the contact form on the left and I’ll call you at a time that suits you and you’ll soon be on the road with a full British license.

Terry 07958 941632