Fleet Driver Training in St Albans, Harpenden, Hitchin and surrounding areas.

A part of the Government’s strategy to reduce casualty figures is to encourage companies to have their high mileage drivers assessed and, if necessary, re-trained periodically.

Any company allowing drivers to drive on company business is subject to the new Corporate Manslaughter Bill, which makes it easier for companies to be prosecuted for gross negligence leading to the death of employees or members of the public. If a fatal accident occurs the company will be required to show that the correct procedures and policies were in place. The penalties for a successful prosecution for failing to comply with the legislation can be an unlimited fine and the maximum sentence can be life imprisonment.

Although statistically the UK has one of the lowest road accidents rates in the EC, some 3,500 people die on UK roads each year while a further 320,000 are injured. The two groups of drivers most at risk are firstly young drivers and secondly the company driver.*

Statistics show that the avearge driver (10,000 miles per year) has a 1 in 7 risk of an accident in any one year. For the high mileage (50,000 miles per year) company driver this risk factor is increased by some 67%, a risk factor of 1 in 3. Statisics also show that 25-30% of all fatal accidents involve vehicles being driven for work.*

Apart from complying with legal responsbilities there are many advantages to running a compehensive driver assessment and training programme.

Call for Driving Lessons!

  • Reduce the risk of driver-related accidents, therefore the time taken away from work
  • Reduce the stress caused by driving
  • Reduce the potential cost of vehicle repairs
  • Increase fuel efficiency, lower fuel costs
  • To potentially reduce or contain vehicle insurance costs
  • To potentially reduce or contain employer liability costs
  • To potentially reduce additional employee cover costs
  • To potentially improve productivity and efficiency

While a short re-training programme for drivers will not completely eliminate these potential risks and costs, it should reduce the them.

With our help you can raise the standards of driving of your fleet drivers, adopt eco-driving skills, and save your company unnecessary exposure to risk and costs.

*Statistics kindly provided by The A.D.I Federation