Refresher Course

Do you get lifts from friends and family and think to yourself ‘it would be good to get back to driving myself around’ or ‘I hate relying on other people to take me places’ or maybe you’ve been away at university and want to get back on the road.

Well what’s stopping you? You’ve passed your driving test so you have all the skills and knowledge you need. You probably don’t need someone sitting next to you telling you all the things you’re doing wrong and treating you like a learner.


All you need is somewhere to practise, with a professional who will keep you safe while you do it, and who will help you to build your confidence so you can see that just because you may not have driven in a while it doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten how to do it. I can tell you a few rubbish jokes (a polite smile is expected!) and I can give you some advice and a few little tips to help you along, and you just might be a little surprised at just how quickly things come back to you and you realise that ‘yeah I can do this!’ 🙂

Let me help you re-discover your freedom and independence.

The first thing you need to do is call me. Let’s have a chat and see how I can help. Or you can use the contact form on the left and I will call you. The choice is yours.

Terry 07958 941632