Driving lessons in St. AlbansWhy have driving lessons in St. Albans?

If you are looking to take your driving lessons in St Albans then you are very lucky! Why? Because in St Albans we have a whole host of different roads and situations that will help you become a brilliant driver, possibly more than anywhere else in Hertfordshire.

From the ‘nook and cranny’ old, tight roads up near St Peter’s street to the long, flowing, high speed A414 around the outside of the city. It’s because of St. Albans’ unique position that when you pass your driving test you will have gained lots of skills and experience on all these types of roads, and be more than ready to drive your family and friends around.

Imagine passing your driving test and being really confident you can handle the high speed roads all by yourself, or driving to your friends house in one of the many villages around like Codicote, safe in the knowledge that you have all the skills and confidence that those tight, winding roads need.

During your driving lessons you will have a go on the ‘Assault Course’ that really tests your skills and confidence – if you can drive the St. Albans ‘assault course’ you can drive anywhere!

Oh, and lets not forget your ‘Drive Through’ challenge that you’ll also be having a go at.

Also don’t forget St. Albans is slap bang in the middle of major motorway networks, with the M1, M25 and A1 all close by. So once you’re ready to have a go at a motorway lesson you’ll be in the perfect place.

Why having driving lessons with Cogo?

So what do you need to do to make sure you have all the skills and confidence you need for driving lessons in St. Albans?

Well firstly, you’ll need an industry expert. Someone who has spent years helping people just like you pass their driving test in an around St. Albans, and knows how to get you ready to pass your test quickly and easily too.

Secondly you’ll need someone who knows all the tricky little roads that need special attention, so you don’t get caught out on your driving test, and you’ll know what to expect…..wherever the examiner takes you.

And thirdly you’ll need someone who will make learning to drive fun and challenging

So let’s get you started. Just give me a call or use the form to the left and we’ll have you nailing that ‘assault course’ and passing your driving test quickly and easily.