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Terry's lessons are always fun and enjoyable whilst still being really helpful. He makes learning so easy and he's definitely worth the money. After passing my test first time I feel really ready to drive on my own and that's all down to Terry and his amazing lessons, easily a 10/10

Kathryn Canham
Breachwood Green

Terry is a fantastic driving instructor! He helps you to understand things so well. Thanks to Terry I passed easily 1st time. Highly recommended 20/10!!

Chloe Aldred

Terry is an amazing instructor. I passed 1st time after only 22 hours of lessons thanks to him! The lessons are really relaxed and you feel like you make progress every single lesson. Learning with Terry was one of the best things I have done, and I am a confident driver because of him. Soooo glad I chose Terry to teach me. Thanks so much Terry!

Daisy Scott

Terry is the best driving instructor EVER! He makes lessons so easy to understand. I passed 1st time all thanks to Terry. Stop looking for an instructor, call Terry now!

Evie Fryer
St Albans

Before I began my lessons with Terry I was a decent driver but I had little to no confidence on the road which led to mistakes. This was something my previous instructor couldn't help me with. He tried but couldn't. But with Terry it was much easier to relax with his humour and understanding of my problem. I passed after only 5 hours with Terry with 0 faults!! I couldn't be happier, and I know if I'd stayed with my previous instructor I would still be having lessons. I would recommend Terry to everyone.

Declan Doyle

Ever had a driving lesson spent forever trying to remember how many times you need to steer left, then right, then left again? Not with Terry, Terry makes driving simple! I struggled with 4 other instructors before going to Terry. Terry let's you improve the things you're not confident with at your own pace. I would recommend Terry to ANYONE struggling with driving. He makes it seem so simple. Yeah you might get the odd bingey bongey and probably end up having to use the 'force' at times, but I bet you'll end up passing first time! Cheers for everything Terry, can't thank you enough

Dan Grey
Welwyn Garden City

'I had an instructor who I wasn't happy with so my girlfriend told me about Terry. He was infinitely better in EVERY way. Terry inspired me to be the best I can possibly be and gave me confidence when I needed it the most. Terry is a great guy, an immense instructor and well worth every penny. Thanks Terry for everything'

Harry Emerton
Colney Heath

'Terry was my 3rd instructor but he was the only one who truly helped me overcome my anxiety and confidence issues with driving. The others tried but unfortunately for me failed. I always thought I could pass but until meeting Terry I never 'knew' it. His methods to help you believe in yourself really help, believe me. I found out the hard way(time wise & financially)that not all instructors are the same. With less than 10 hours with Terry I passed with 3 faults. I would never have believed that was even possible 2 months ago. Do yourself a favour and call Terry if you want great driving lessons....the guy is a genius. Can't thank you enough Terry'

Brian Shipwright

Terry is a very calming teacher, always believing in you. So glad I chose Terry to help me pass my driving test. He's an absolute legend and I can't thank him enough, I owe it all to him.

Charlie Mattingley
Ayot St LAwrence

Thank you so much Terry for building up my confidence - a first time pass thanks to your fantastic teaching style! Enjoyable, easy going and very funny lessons, perfect environment for any learner:) Terry really makes you believe you can do it - and I just did! Cant thank you enough Terry!

Katie Smith

'Why should you have driving lessons with Terry? Because he is amazing, incredible, funny, calming, and enjoyable to be around. Having lessons with him every week was always something I looked forward to. Terry made me believe in myself when I thought I never could. He's amazing, an absolute legend'

Charlotte Foulkes

Big thank you to Terry. He's funny, calming, reliable and understanding. He's got great techniques to help you stay calm and confident for your driving test. I would 100% advise you to choose Terry, he's the best.

Dan Gibson
St Albans

Thanks Terry! It's been a joy learning to drive with you. Thanks for all your amazing help!

Hannah Kettle

Terry is an amazing instructor! ! Reliable and brilliant value for money. He knows all the little tips and secrets to help you pass your driving test and all the time making you an excellent driver. Loads of people recommended Terry to me. Give Terry a call if you want the best instructor around.

Emily Chesson
London Colney

Terry is an awesome instructor and massive joker who helped me and my friends all pass easily, and I couldn't rate him highly enough. You'll love his lessons. Thanks Terry

Sophie Strelling
St Albans

Couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Terry! After failing my test with 3 other instructors Terry came recommended and he really helped me out with my nerves & confidence & I FINALLY passed my driving test. Every lesson boosted my confidence & it was great to finally find a fun and supportive instructor. Thank you Terry, couldn't have done it without you :)

Shannon Goldie

Not all driving instructors are the same! I chose my first instructor because they were cheap, that was a big mistake. I wasn't happy with progress and felt like I was wasting money. My friend said go see Terry. WOW what a difference! Terry is immense! I made big progress every lesson and was soon booking my test and passed first time easily. Stop looking for cheap lessons and go with the best and that's def Terry

Jack Ray
St Albans

Terry is a fab instructor who tries his absolute best to make you the confident, safe driver you need to be. His lessons are never boring and are always a laugh. If you aren't confident with something Terry will try everything to help you build this confidence up and make sure you believe in yourself the way he believes in you! Thank you so much Terry for helping me pass.

Rachel Dines
St Albans

Terry is the god of all driving instructors. I cant believe there is anyone better. This man is awesome!

Will Rogers

Terry is an amazing instructor, who is great company whilst learning to drive. He gives great tips and makes the lessons fun through the use of driving games, so you don't even realise you're learning! Brilliant! Cant recommend Terry highly enough.

Kirsten Parker
Chiswell Green

If you're looking for a brilliant, upbeat instructor who is amazing then Terry is ya guy!

Louisa Croucher
How Wood

I had a great time learning with Terry. He's really chilled and makes it a lot less nerve wracking than I thought it would be. Certainly would recommend him to everyone.

Sarah Pokorny
St Albans

Terry was great. Thanks to him I passed my driving test with no faults! I'd definitely recommend him to anyone. I certainly made the right choice.

Bella Frost

Terry is a brilliant instructor! He made me feel really comfortable and we always had lots of laughs. He is very calm and helped me think of how I should react to a variety of situations as a driver, rather than telling me straight away. This made me more confident in my ability. He also took me for lessons in my own car which was great. Terry was my third instructor and it was easy to see the difference in the quality of my lessons. Thanks Terry :)

Francesca Coooper
Welwyn Garden City

Terry is an excellent instructor. Very patient and highly skilled. He was my second instructor and I will advise anyone who wants to change instructors to give Terry a call. You wont be disappointed.

Amber Ringland
St Albans

I don't think there is a better teacher than Terry. He's been a great help to me. I couldn't have asked for anything more. The feedback he gave motivated me and encouraged me to pass. Thank you Tesdog :)

Jacob Moody
St Albans

Terry gave me confidence while making me the driver I am. His lessons were both entertaining and extremely useful. I learnt so much more with Terry than I did with my previous instructor. I can recommend Terry with ease to anyone who wants to pass their test and enjoy their lessons.

Joe Nice

Terry is a terrific instructor. Me and my 2 sisters all passed 1st time, I would recommend Terry to anyone.

Celia Price

A genius at work, an easy choice to recommend.

Hugo Harding

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Terry for being a supportive and fun driving instructor. I definitely wouldn't have passed first time with only 5 minor faults if it wasn't for your method of teaching. Thank you for getting all 3 of us Pithers through with humour and great marks. Thanks again, can't imagine there's a better instructor out there!

Tom Pither
St Albans

Terry is an amazing and patient instructor. My son has aspergers so not an easy boy to teach but Terry was brilliant with him and he passed with only 4 minors, which I found incredible considering my sons condition. Without hesitation I would fully recommend Terry, he is well worth the money for the fantastic service he provides.....thank you Terry :)

Colney Heath

Terry was my second instructor, and sooo much better than my first. Terry is fantastic! He gave me confidence in my driving and showed me everything I needed to know. He's the one to go to, he's amazing, I loved my lessons

Charlotte Preston

Terry was great. I travelled all the way up from London to have lessons with Terry. He helped me pass first time. Terry is the man!!

Govind Patel
Ladbroke Grove - London

Terry is an amazing instructor. he helped me pass 1st time with only 2 minor faults. He really helped build my confidence. He is funny and easy to talk to and he lets you learn the best way it suits you which is what helped me pass a lot faster than all my friends.

Finn Scott

"Terry is a great instructor, he allowed me to learn at the pace I felt was right and had freedom in lessons to do what I wanted to practice. I will be recommending Terry to all of my friends."

St Albans

Terry has been a great driving instructor and really helpful in teaching the skills I need to be a safe and confident driver. I have really enjoyed all my lessons and would highly recommend Cogo Driver Training

Katie Heath-Whyte
Park Street

Terry was my third driving instructor and by far the best! Lessons were always positive and fun. I think it shows how good he is that I passed first time...and that's saying something

Harriet Preston

"I thoroughly enjoyed every driving lesson with Terry. The support and teaching provided by Terry was excellent, which gave me the perfect platform to learn one of life's most important skills"

Jordan O'Conner

"Every lesson was great fun and Terry is a fantastic teacher. Highly recommend him, he's a class bloke. Cheers very much"

Alex Jolly

"Thank you Terry for the awesome driving lessons. Terry taught me to drive properly, not just to pass my test. Had loads of fun and banter, thank you for helping me Terry."


"Thanks so much Terry, not only a fantastic instructor but also a pretty fantastic person (if a little narrow minded in your music taste!!)."

Jack Mallet
St Albans

"I passed first time with only 3 minors......yessssssssssss, thanks Terry."

St Albans

"I took my lessons with Cogo Driving because my brother and his friends recommended them. I really enjoyed my lessons, Terry made me feel relaxed and if I made a mistake he helped me understand what I did wrong rather than just telling me. This helped me understand what safe driving was and now I'm out driving on my own I feel confident that I'm doing it right! Learn with Terry if you want to learn properly."

Izzy Habib

"I found out about Cogo Driver Training through friends who had all passed their test in a short period of time. I really enjoyed my driving lessons and I was taught very well, in a manner which enabled me to relax and get on with it. I gained confidence in driving and managed to pass my test first time. I would thoroughly recommend Terry to anyone who is wanting to learn how to drive, and I now intend to go on to do a Pass Plus course, as I have learnt that it is important that young drivers are taught to be responsible with their driving. Great car to learn in as well!!."


"Terry made learning to drive really fun. I saw driving as something to look forward to rather than dread. Terry taught me all the skills I needed to pass my test with only 4 minor faults and learning in a car that was really easy to drive helped a lot!...thanks Terry."

Dom Brady

"I started driving lessons with Terry a few months after my 17th having not done ANYTHING except start a car... within about 4 months I had passed my test first time with only 2 minors. Terry made driving lessons so much fun, he never tells, only teaches, giving you a chance to learn quickly by coming up with answers to questions yourself (which he then explains in further detail). I was able to concentrate and relax knowing I was in safe hands and through taking my Pass Plus, I gained such a wide range of driving experience including the drive to London which really helped with my confidence. A very safe, reliable, fun and genuine instructor. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be taught quickly and properly."

Abbie Ward

"Terry was a fantastic instructor..even if he was telling poor jokes!. I always enjoyed my lessons thoroughly. I passed 1st time, thanks Terry."


"I was recommended by a friend to Terry and really enjoyed every lesson from the beginning. He gave me confidence and independence in making my own decisions which played a major role in helping me pass 1st time! Thanks Terry!"


"Terry is a great instructor who makes the lessons fun as well as progressive. I would recommend him to anyone."

Millie Brodie

"Terry is the best instructor I could have wished for! Thank you so much, definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing instructor!!"

Fran Berry

"Terry is a patient and enthusiastic driving instructor and boosted my confidence just when I needed it most. Passed with 3 minors...enough said."

Will Tickel